Ship & Marine Finance

We provide finance to purchase ships. Typically we fund up to 50% of the purchase of ships more than 10 years old. We work with established (more than 2 years of trading) companies looking to expand. Our customers are experienced traders who own or have previously owned a vessel.

We also finance shipping related costs. Freight, running costs, fuel can all be financed by Credebt Shipping.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, and on Greenwich meantime, our team delivers world-class global ship finance for operators and charterers. Our shipping clients are based primarily in Europe, Africa, and America. We will also engage selectively with clients in other parts of the world. Our Credebt® Shipping team has extensive shipping knowledge and understands the challenges within the shipping industry.

Credebt® Shipping Finance

Credebt® Shipping is used by ship operators to pay for:

  • Bareboat charter fees
  • Voyage/period/time charters
  • Bunkering
  • Surveys & dry dock surveys
  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems
  • Demolition/Recycling
  • Conversions
  • Scrubbers
  • Mobilisation
  • Completions
  • Canal tolls
  • Port charges
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • C/V/E Costs

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Ship Finance - New Home Trade Credebt

Chartering & Operating

Charterers and operators compete in an ever-changing competitive marketplace. To succeed, it is vital to have access to flexible finance that meets the demands of the market.

Credebt® Shipping is the finance this market demands.

Credebt® Shipping Finances Vessels of All Sizes

Vessels of all sizes and cargoes can be operated and bought with Credebt® Shipping. It can finance:

  • Multi-purpose vessels
  • Tanker
  • Reefer vessels
  • Dry bulk carriers or container vessels. 

From minibulk to capesize, coastal tankers to VLCCs, Credebt® Shipping ship finance can finance everything from charter fees to port charges, C/V/E, etc.

Spend time managing operations and opportunities, not cash flow. Credebt® Shipping provides the finance to capitalize on market opportunities.

Ship Finance - New Home Trade Credebt

The Engagement Process

After making contact with Trade Credebt®, an appointment will be arranged with a trade Specialist. Typically, this is a 30 minute call. The Specialist will get a clear understanding of your business and your finance requirements. Afterward your requirements will be summarised in an email. Upon confirmation of our understanding the Specialist will ask for documentation to support your application.

Upon receipt of the requested documentation the Specialist will prepare a proposal for the Trade Desk. If the Trade Desk agrees in principal with the finance being sought, they will issue a Revolving Purchase Agreement [RPA] quotation. This is a single page document.

The RPA is a document that is unique to Trade Credebt®. 

A team member will then call you to explain this document in detail. You may then confirm the finance request, submit the online application and begin trading. 


Initial Call

30 minute call with a Trade Specialist


Summary of Requirements Email

We email you a Summary of Requirements confirmation


Confirmation of Understanding

You confirm that this is correct. 


Supporting Documents

You supply the supporting documentation for your application.


Trade Desk Review

Trade Desk reviews the proposal.


6. RPA/Term Sheet issued

RPA [Revolving Purchase Agreement], single page term sheet document is issued for your consideration.


RPA Review Call

We call you to go through the RPA in detail. We guide you through the RPA and answer any questions you may have.


Confirmation of Your Approval

You confirm that you agree with the terms and want to proceed.


Submit the Online Application

You submit the online application. 


Begin Trading

You begin to trade.

Operational Accounts & Extending Your Requirements

An initial engagement is usually for a single vessel. However Credebt® Shipping enables you to increase the finance amount as required. Unlike traditional lenders, a Credebt® Shipping facility can be increased within a few days. Facilities are regularly extended to finance:

  • Chartering additional vessels
  • Taking on CoA
  • Voyage charters from the spot market.
Ship Finance - New Home Trade Credebt