Shipping Finance

Credebt® Shipping provides finance for almost all types of shipping activities.

Credebt® Shipping is used to finance vessel chartering, mobilisation, surveys and operational costs in the shipping industry.

Finance Partners

From paying your suppliers prior to transport of a single pallet/container or a full boat/plane, Trade Credebt® is a comprehensive trade finance solution.

From vessel dely to redely, all chartering and operational shipping finance costs can use Credebt® Shipping.

The Trade Credebt® finance franchise can build and expand your business.

Your Finance

Credebt® Shipping can do everything a bank does, only better (and faster). We take the time to really understand your business and how best to finance it. From LCL/FCL finished goods or bulk cargo like bauxite, coal, ore, precious metals, grain, biomass, wood, wood chips and pellets, livestock, liquids, fuel, chemicals and other liquids, Credebt® Shipping provides the finance to buy at source, pay the transport and shipping costs, discount the Letter of Credit [L/C]and purchase the trade finance invoice too.

When it comes to shipping, whether it is minibulk to capesize, CoA or spot market, Credebt® Shipping is your shipping finance solution. Vessel chartering, mobilisation, bunkers, surveys and operational costs all require a reliable source of cash flow. Credebt® Shipping provides the finance to support every aspect of your business from departure to destination.

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True Partners

Whether you use Credebt® Shipping to replace, or complement, your existing finance, or you become a Trade Credebt® finance franchise partner, you’ll find us easy to work with.

The Credebt® Shipping team take the time to learn about your business.  We examine what you do, how you operate and who your customers are.  We gain a thorough understanding of your business so that we can provide the finance you need today and the finance you need to grow and build your market share.

Finance For Growth

Our solutions provide the funds needed to grow your business. Other finance providers impose credit limits and stringent funding conditions. Trade Credebt® reviews the operations, market & potential for your business so that it can help grow your business.

Many Trade Credebt® clients have grown their business to such an extent, they no longer need our services. 

These success stories include: 

  • An engineering company importing electrical plant from Germany sold to investors
  • A luxury packaging company supplying markets in the UK and US bought by its Chinese supplier
  • A health food supplier that made enough profit in two years of trading with us that it is now self funded.

Trade Credebt Insights

“With 25 years’ experience & no one would fund my business.”

Wood Cargo To China

Having worked for 25 years in the wood industry, this client wanted to open his own business. With years of experience and deep commercial knowledge of every step in the supply chain. His business plan was credible and his growth plans were significant.

To get started, he needed to fund his first shipment to prove the business model. It was frustrating because his Chinese customer was prepared to issue a letter of credit for this first transaction. Trade Credebt® was able to support him with the technical aspects of the deal and provide the finance he needed when no one else would.

"I knew the people. I knew the business, but I couldn't finance the whole trade."

Manganese Ore To India

A city metals trader, with 20 years’ experience in sourcing, buying and selling metals, wanted to ‘go it alone’. Despite all his city connections, no one would support him in buying the manganese ore supply he had negotiated in Africa. Trade Credebt® understood his requirements and became his partner.

"I had the deal done. I had the supply side tied up too. What I really needed was the finance and expertise to deliver it."

Livestock to Libya

This second generation cattle dealer had negotiated a supply contract in Libya. Having negotiated the transaction, he needed to finance the deal and also the industry expertise needed to ship the livestock and process the paperwork. Trade Credebt® brokered a suitable partner and then funded the deal too

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